San Bian Li Sex Pill 4 caps X 20 Box = 80 Capsules Total


5000mg Male Blue Pill-weigewang(sanbianli)

Weige King 5000mg Male Blue Pill-weigewang(sanbianli)

sex long lasting

1 supplement keep impact for 3 days

People with heart disease, blood pressure can take this

Organic sex capsule for males

Positive aspects to improve love life

San Bian Li super effect sex pill can completely begin metabolic process with the man, strengthen physique metabolism, avoid men climacteric alter, do away with renal deficiency and also vulnerable blood circulation, improve kidney function, promote secretion of adrenal glandular and also improve sexual desire and function.

Usage as well as dosage: nibbling one particular tablet whenever, 30 minutes just before intercourse, long lasting employing without side-effect.

Efforts: Wei Ge Wang can stay throughout physique with regard to 72 hrs, do not take some other traditional western treatments as well; consume frosty water when having also powerful virility!

San Bian Li

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